Our new restaurant continues the tradition!

Our cuisine is based on traditional authentic Naxian recipes and includes the dishes we’ve been known for. Our Specials are still the “Chalki” with pork, the “Gkioul” with caramelized sausages and melted feta cheese and “Rosto”. “Kontosouvli” is the trademark of Yannis Tavern and the delicacy that made us famous.

Our history

Video presentation of the history of the Yannis tavern in Naxos

Travel Documentary

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Over 27 years, everyone knows Yannis in Halki, Naxos!

In 2018 we opened our new restaurant, also close to Chalki, 2 km from the village, on the 14th km of the traditional road connecting Chora and Chalki, opposite the Shell gas station(before the village of Damalas). We are waiting for you!
– Yannis Vamvakopoulos –

Yannis Tavern - Our cuisine

Our cuisine

Our cuisine is authentic Greek, based on traditional Naxian repices. After so many years of operation, we still serve the same dishes that made us known when we first opened our tavern in the center of Halki village. The most characteristic area of the new restaurant Yannis is the big showcase with the meat and the 3 grills.

In general, the meat dishes enjoy a leading role in Yannis tavern. They are selected from local farms and stand out for their excellent quality.  “Kontosouvli” is used to describe a unique Greek meat delicacy.


It’s the trademark of Yannis restaurants and the delicacy that made us famous. “Kontosouvli” is used to describe a unique Greek meat delicacy. It’s all about large chunks of marinated pork that are skewered and secured on a spit and then slow roasted over an open charcoal pit. Kontosouvli is served in our restaurants on daily basis!

There are some secrets as well, such as the proper marinade, the balance of the scent, the right herbs and the grill of course. We are proud to say that we know all secrets of them.

Come to taste and find out…

Yannis Tavern - Kontosouvli

Live musical traditional nights!

Except for the cuisine and the service, it is the music we pay great attention at. Traditional music of Naxos and Crete, along with original “rembetiko” is what accompanies your meal in Giannis restaurant. We also organize live traditinal music nights with young bands cheering up the atmosphere.

Our farm

With respect to the the rich tradition of Naxian cuisine, and because we want to offer you the best of it, we have our own fields with vegetables and vineyards with 3500 roots that cover our needs for wine and raki.

Our Vineyards

The philosophy of Yannis restaurants is based on always serving the best, while respecting the tradition of our place and the Naxian cuisine. In this effort, we have decided to personally get involved with the production of wine and raki. This is why we have our own vineyards, with a total of 3500 roots, from which we produce the quantities of wine needed for both Yannis restaurants, not only for consumption by our customers, but also for our cook to prepare our dishes. Because this is what we do! Even in cooking procedures, we use our own wine, the one we know best, instead of a bottled one.

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